About Fancy Plants Podcast

Fancy Plants Poscast is a casual conversation show with plant enthusiasts Cris, Sue and Amanda. It's mostly about plants, but don't be surprised when digression happens. Founded in early 2020, the first episode is going live on June 23 and listeners can look forward to a new episode at least every week.

Fancy Plants is recorded in Grande Prairie, Alberta. Sure, the winters are long and cold but the summers provide long, sunny days. Grande Prairie gets 2,200 hours of sunshine a year!

Meet Cris, Sue and Amanda

Cris has been a major plant enthusiast for about the last 5 years--the least amount of time compared to Sue and Amanda but that doesn't let that hold her back from loving to host the show. She has been in the marketing industry for nearly 20 years and is currently a partner in her own firm that she founded 14 years ago. Married with one doggo, Cris enjoys travel, volunteering, and going with the flow.

Sue has a wide variety of beautiful plants along with a plant room most only dream of. An avid collector of plants for nearly 20 years, Sue has been around the garden a time or two, and as a co-host of Fancy Plants she is keen on sharing her knowledge and stories.

Amanda has been involved with plants for nearly her whole existance, from hobbiest to serious collector to formally educated and employed in plants... and now as a co-host of Fancy Plants. The scientist among us, she is a wealth of knowledge and may or may not have a secret plant collection. OK, she does, but don't say we told you.

Plant Friends Forever

A couple of years ago, the local plant Facebook group started meetups to bring plant-lovers together in real life. At one such meetup, it just happened that Amanda, Sue and Cris ended up sitting at one end of the table together and chatting about plants and life, but mostly plants. Later that night, Amanda started a group message to suggest ordering some plants from overseas and a friendship was born. In fact, it is extremely rare for a whole day to go by without a group message.

From talking every day to plant-buying road trips, it was a natural progression to share their combined love of plants with others. As an extra bonus, Sue and Amanda are both part of a five-person group of admins for our local Facebook plant group, which has almost 4,000 members. They help a lot of people with their plant woes! All three ladies are looking forward to listener questions, comments, and stories, so don't be shy.

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